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The right partner to lead your business to success




Never Settle for status Que, always innovate to adopt and manage the only constant factor which is "Change". 

                        Learn, Acquire & Excel

Business Compass' Scope and Context

  • We are a management & Industrial consultancy firm that provides tailored  agile solutions at competitive price to enterprises with focus on value proposition and competitive advantage pillars' identification and development in order to help institutions  no matter the size of  business or nature of business where to bridge the opportunities-resources’ gap by  planning, designing and implementing  the adequate resources  to seize foreseen business opportunities and eventfully harvest its prospect economic value.
  • Our bundle of  business services  lies into three business lines which are :
  1. Management' consulting services. 
  2. Industrial activities' consultancy services.
  3. Industrial business’ brokerage & mediator

Why Business Compass:

    • Many will promise u success, only few can fulfill, we guarantee success and surpass. We are here for you to excel.
    • We don’t take Good for an answer, as we believe there is no perfection in this life though Excellence is our standard to conduct service delivery.
    • We Rejoice Business relation rather than business transaction.
    • When in business crossroads, choosing the right one will save your time, money and effort, we are your shortcut to your success destination

Founder Statement:

Business Compass is the answer for the “How question”

"When it’s obscure how to harness your resources to seize foreseen opportunity, Or it’s ambiguous how to seize opportunity through identified resources, 

Then where are the key to answer the “how question”

How to plan, implement, evaluate, validate, and  rectify

And eventually How to succeed and excel

Business Compass is your key, your vehicle to success "

Reda Masry

Founder & Chairman